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Former Regional Administration Head Sent To Prison For Bribery

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August 4, 2012


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Former Regional Administration Head Sent To Prison For Bribery

On July, 30 2012 Alexander Timofeev, the former head of Verkhniy Uslon municipal district, who previously charged with an unprecedented fine of 300 million rubles (USD 9 million) for bribery, topped the local news again. The ex-official once sacrificed in “public flogging” during a large-scale anti-corruption campaign was sued for evasion of his duties and sentenced to prison for four years.

According to the court decision from 21st January 2012, Timofeev was to pay 300 million rubles fine within a month. However, the convict failed to fulfill this ruling, having defrayed only 610 thousand rubles (USD 18.4 thousand) by August 2012 which gave the court bailiffs ground to declare him a “malicious nonpayer” and apply to the justice one more time.

The bailiffs revealed that the ex-official was not so much pushed for money as he presented himself. Timofeev owning a luxurious apartment and a car continued his regular loan payments estimated on average USD 3 thousand monthly. Moreover, he is alleged to incur large expenses for a new consultancy business that he took up at the beginning of the year. Timofeev also started divorce proceedings and managed to make most of his property over to his parents.

Alexander Timofeev in his turn tried to produce arguments in defense, which were disregarded by the judge and found as “statements not susceptible of proof”. The defense attorney also appealed for impartial estimation of Timofeev’s “financial possibilities” and drew attention to his client’s weak heart and young children.

The court drama, fortunately, did not last for long and in three hours the verdict was brought in. “I am simply being forced to commit a suicide. My days are numbered”, claimed Alexander Timofeev during the final speech.

At the time Timofeev has been released on the pledge of not leaving the city and is trying to make use of 10-days period available to appeal the court’s ruling.

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