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Who Is The Most Generous Dividends Payer In Tatarstan?

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July 5, 2012


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Who Is The Most Generous Dividends Payer In Tatarstan?

The analytical center of Business Online recently came out assessing Tatarstan’s state-owned companies according to this year shareholders payouts size. The amount of dividends to be paid by the state-owned companies in the region is regulated by the republican law prescribing that not less than 30 percent of gained profits should be distributed to the shareholders. That is considered an important source of budget inflow.

The list of the most generous companies is topped by the Tatar oil industry major Tatneft, which announced records-breaking  high dividend payments during its shareholders meeting on 29th June 2012. It will cost the company 16.5 billion rubles (USD 500 million) or 7.08 rubles (USD 0.21) per share. The dividend payments rose 41 percent by comparison with the previous year figures. Tatneft can certainly afford it, since its net profits in 2011 soared by 45 percent to 55 billion rubles (USD 1.6 billion).

The second largest dividend payer is Nizhnekamskneftechim, one the largest petrochemical plants in Russia, which increased its dividend payments twice to 2.36 rubles (USD 0.07) per share from last year’s 1.17 rubles (USD 0.03). This year entire dividend windfall to shareholders is estimated at 4.32 billion rubles (USD 130.9 million).

Kazan Helicopter Plant is ranked the third with 2011 dividend payments of 1.62 rubles (USD 49.09), 10.48 rubles (USD 0.32) per a share.

The KamAZheavy trucks plant continued its “tradition” of avoiding dividend payments. The shareholders opted for distributing 63.33 million rubles (USD 1.9 million) of 66.7 million rubles (USD 2.02 million) net profits to the repayment of the company’s debts.

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