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Internet’s Most Popular Video About Kazan

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November 29, 2011


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Tatarstan’s capital may have a millenium-long history, thousands of prominent scientists, writers, musicians and public figures gloryfying its name. But on the YouTube things are different.  More than 2 million views belong to the video about one of the city buses driving through a huge puddle during one of the heavy rains Kazan had in summer, 2011.  This video shows that Kazan people have a non-standard approach to difficult situations and they also have the talent to create music and lyrics inspired by what they see. True story. Click on the picture above to see it.

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Denis Valeev

Former freelance correspondent for RFE\RL, Denis gained rich experience in corporate management with a multinational FMCG company operating across Russia. Now he is enjoying his post-retirement life in Kazan and the job with the Kazan Times is a sufficient part of this pleasant experience.

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