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Motor rally hits the ‘Silk Road’

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July 8, 2012


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Motor rally hits the ‘Silk Road’

Voice of Russia, 07 July 2012

The fourth annual ‘Silk Road’ motor rally has set off from Moscow’s Red Square. One hundred and 25 highly decorated crews from 28 European, Asian and South American countries are taking part, riding in 100 4x4s and 25 trucks.

After covering almost 4,000 kilometres, the rally is expected to reach its finish line next Friday in Gelendzik on the Russian coast of the Black Sea.

People in as many as 197 countries can watch the rally on television. Last year, the figure was a little over 130.

The chief organizer of the rally is Semyon Yakubov, a former member of Russia’s KAMAZ-Master truck team. He said in an interview with The Voice of Russia that he does not see Friday the 13th for a finishing date as an ill omen:

“The international turnout for the rally is at a record level. The crews are really top-notch. The media coverage is unprecedented. We have also introduced stringent safety rules. Speeding outside the racing sections of the route now carries a penalty.”

Yakubov’s KAMAZ-Master team has supplied 7 truck crews for the rally.

Photo courtesy of vmdaily.ru

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