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American Diplomat Looks Into Human, Civil Rights in Tatarstan

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October 16, 2011


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American Diplomat Looks Into Human, Civil Rights in Tatarstan

Michael Posner, special representative of the US Department of State and assistant to the US State Secretary visited Kazan on 14 October to meet with the Tatarstan’s parliamentary speaker Farid Mukhametshin, head of the Tatar President’s Department of Foreign Affairs, and meet with the leaders of Tatarstan’s religious communities, civil and public groups to discuss the republic’s current situation with human and civil rights.

According to the US official after the closed doors meeting, “Tatarstan’s non-government organizations [“NGOs”] are quite active, however their operations became more difficult after the adoption of the new federal NGO law.” The law, which was recently introduced by the federal government is said to seriously limit the ability of NGOs operating in Russia to raise funds from non-Russian donators.

Posner also told the reporters after the meeting that Tatarstan is characterized by a long-going interethnic and interconfessional accord.

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