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Tatar Public Center Concerned With Preserving Tatar Language

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October 16, 2011


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Tatar Public Center Concerned With Preserving Tatar Language

161 delegates from Tatarstan Republic, Bashkortostan, Orenburg region and Belorussia’s capital Minsk gathered for the congress of the nationalist Tatar Public Center in Kazan on 14th October, reported.

According to one of the Center’s activists, Ildus Sadiykov speaking at the congress the modern Tatar youth can be characterized by the growing loyalty to the Tatar tradition religion of Islam, however he is disappointed by hearing more young people speaking Russian among themselves, even in mosques. The congress voted  to address the Tatarstan’s parliament asking to research the fulfillment of the state program for preserving the official languages in the republic and call the Russian State Duma to ratify the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.

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Denis Valeev

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  • Evgeny

    Is Ildus mocking us?
    There are a lot of tatar language in schools. More than russion and English put together.

    • Denis

      Thank you for your opinion, Yevgeny!

  • Friend

    mosques are not only for tatars.

    • Iskender Nurmi

      Totally agree.

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